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Desert Lighthouse is a land art project by Daniel Hawkins: building a full-size functioning lighthouse in the Mojave Desert near Hinkley, CA.
Daniel Hawkins, Desert Lighthouse, Hinkley, Land Art, Sculpture, Mojave Desert
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Desert Lighthouse is a full-size functioning lighthouse in the Mojave Desert near Hinkley, CA . Built by artist Daniel Hawkins, the lighthouse first began navigational operation in July 2017.


For directions and visitor information contact us at:



It takes approximately two hours to reach the lighthouse from Los Angeles. A four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended. It is also recommended that visitors bring water and weather-appropriate clothing. During the summer months temperatures are routinely above 100 degrees with little to no shade. In winter, freezing temperatures are possible at night. Due to the conditions of the roads a short hike may be required. When hiking it is important to be mindful of your surroundings. Rattlesnakes and other wildlife are present in the surrounding area.


Please note: The nearest town with food, water, and gas is Barstow. For those interested in staying overnight, there are motels in Barstow and camping on the grounds is at your own risk. No restrooms are available on site.